PSDP-Project Supervisor Design Process


In order to co-ordinate the design and construction work being undertaken, the Client must put in place persons or organisations to oversee the co-ordination of the design and construction work. These appointees are called the Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) and the Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS). 

The duty of the project supervisor for the design process is to ensure co-ordination of the work of designers throughout the project. 

O’Dwyer Safety Services (OSS Ltd) can provide support to the appointed PSDP in the role of safety advisor, or act as the project Health and Safety Co-ordinator for the PSDP or be appointed directly as the PSDP for specific projects. 

The PSDP plays a key role in securing construction health and safety by: 

OSS Ltd have completed large and small scale PSDP Projects in House Building, Roadworks, Commercial Construction, Utilities and Manufacturing industries.