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Have you thought about your future health and safety objectives?

A Safe-T-Cert Accreditation can benefit your construction based company by ensuring you have a clear and manageable health & safety system; as well as giving you a competitive edge during tendering and procurement processes. Safe-T-Cert Accreditation is suitable for all construction companies; from large to very, very small!

safe-t-certIn line with the Safe-T-Cert Guidance you are required to have your system in place for at least 3 months before your Audit. Once a company becomes a Registers for Audit you are required to proceed to full certification within 9 months.

The OSS Consultancy team can offer you a structured, tailored package to assist you to meet your safety management accreditation targets.

Why choose Safe-T-Cert?

It is a construction sector specific management system accreditation suitable for all construction based companies both large and small.

Meets safety criteria set down by Department of Finance for public procurement purposes on in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
Included under the Competence of Contractor criteria in the HSA Guide to the Construction Regulations
Gives clients peace of mind that your company has a robust health and safety management system

The OSS Consultancy Team work with clients across a wide rage of industries; construction, manufacturing, food production, education, utility services and agricultural. We have successfully assisted many clients in the past number of years to achieve the Safe-T-Cert accreditation.

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